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Once a vision and plan has been laid out for the space, we can help you select the finishes, lighting, colors, fixtures, furniture and all of the other details that will make the space work for you while ensuring it is also beautiful.

At Grey Coast Design, we will provide  sources for inspirational photos and create a vision for your spaces. To save time and money in the Design Detail stage, we encourage frequent interaction using the web and email to exchange ideas quickly and discuss recommendations and options.

We work on hourly, retainer, or flat rate per room structures, so all of our product discounts are passed on to the client.  This means that we are not biased by any one vendor and that we can work together with you to find the right products no matter where we find them.

At Grey Coast, we believe good design is a balance of creativity and discipline.  In every project, there are trade-offs between the budget, the wish list, and the timeline; we help you understand those trade-offs to arrive at solutions that work to create a space you will treasure without surprise expenses.

We can work on projects as small as one room, or as large as a new construction.  We can coordinate trade work directly, or collaborate with an architect or general contractor to ensure that your design principles and vision are represented every step of the way.

Call us to discover how we can help your design vision become a reality.


Listening to the client is the first and most important step in all design services.  How do you use the rooms being designed today?

How do you see yourself using the rooms in the future?  How are these rooms related to entire living space?  What existing furniture are you hoping will work in the new space?

Once we have an understanding of your vision, we create multiple plans to make sure we arrive at the best solution possible.  There is not just one way to lay out a space, so it is important to try different approaches and incorporate the best of each in the final design.

At Great Coast Design, we focus on simplicity and functional flow in our space planning.   We also focus on detail because inches can make a difference in how well a room will function.  Our deep experience allows us to quickly visualize a space so that what you look at on paper actually works in the final product.   What you end up with is a clean, comfortable, visually pleasing and relaxing space.


Space Planning

Design Detail

Project Management

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